Bmc and Irish U20 + U23 results

Sun 29 June 2008--admin

Kelly Mcneice,Ciara Mageean Rachael Gibson and Lynsey Monteith were all racing this weekend.
Kelly finished third in the1500m at the BMC meet at Solihull in 4.17.39.
this was slightly slower than her 4.15.77 set during the BMC meet at Mary Peters Track last wednesday.
Ciara Mageean and Rachael Gibson
were competing at the Irish U20 champs at Tullamore. Ciara won the 800m in 2.10.70,an improvement of six seconds on her personal best.
Rachael was second in 2.17 .Lynsey Monteith also won the U23 800m in 2.20 mins