Tue 28 October 2008--admin

Hey all,

Well i have been out in Atlanta, USA for two weeks now, the first week went really well, found some really good trails and a great track to train at all within walking distance from the house I’m staying in. Then unfortunately in the 2nd week I went over on my ankle and missed 7 days of running but was able to keep fit at the local gym on the xtrainer! which I’m a pro at now having spend many months on it over the past decade!

Tried my first running session last night though, just 8 strides and the ankle held up well so hopefully I will be back to normal by the weekend, but I’ll keep you posted.

I’m loving it out here, the weather is fab, though today it has been its coolest at 10degrees but its very sunny so seems warmer, and back to 20 degrees at the weekend so can’t complain.

I’m in Marietta, Georgia which is very hilly, but I have found a lovely 3 mile flat loop by a river. There is six of us sharing a 3-bedroom house, all athletes including my boyfriend Ian, so we have a good atmosphere and lots of encouragement for each other to train hard, rest well and eat well. Eating well is the hardest, as there is so many nice treats out here!

If all goes well with the ankle I hope to take in a road race over the next couple of weeks, there is at least one on every sat and sun so shouldn’t be to hard to find a suitable one or a flatish one!!!

chat soon

ps Well done to all that competed at Jordanstown.